Wilmington Race Weekend CANCELED FOR 2016:

Due to low turnout in recent years we will not be holding our road race weekend in 2016. Thank you to all those who did participate and especially to our volunteers and sponsors. We may be back in future years but need to take a step back and see whether the downward trend in road bike racing turns around.

8th Annual Wilmington-Whiteface Road Race,
Wilmington Town Park, Park Lane,
Wilmington NY,

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Race flyer (pdf)

Race course map (one loop plus out-and-back access and final climb, Map My Ride)

Race registration at BikeReg.com

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Course: From Wilmington (neutral start) a 6.1-mile out-and-back on Bonnie View Rd. accesses a fast and challenging 12-mile loop with one 1-mile climb and several big rollers on Silver Lake Road. Finishing climb scales 1.6 miles of Whiteface Mtn., constant grade of 8%. Gear accordingly. Race map available at registration and online at http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/340826979  Jr. 9-14 categories race out and back on Bonnie View Rd. for 12.5 miles with flat finish instead of climb.

Registration/Entry Fees: $45 online pre-registration on www.BikeReg.com (closes 10 pm Thursday, May 29). $15 entry for Juniors (includes 1-day license if needed). All fields except Cat 5 Men’s, Cat 4 Women’s, and Juniors add $10 for race day registration (opens 7:00 AM, ends 20 minutes before each race). Cat 5 Men and Cat 4 Women without USCF or UCI annual license will need to purchase a one-day license for an additional $15. Canadians welcome but must have UCI license and identification!

Field limits: Men cat 4/5: 75; Women cat 3/4/Jr. Women 15-18/Women 40+/50+:  combined total 75; Jr. Boys and Girls 9-10, 11-12, and 13-14: combined total 50; Jr. Men 15-16/17-18: combined total 75; Masters Men 40+/50+ (Cat 1-4): combined total 100; Women 1/2/3: combined total 75; Men 1/2/3/Pro: 100; Men 3/4: 100
Organizer reserves the right to combine categories if minimum field of 15 is not met.
  • The following categories will start together with separate scoring and prizes: Jr. Boys 15-16 and 17-18; Women’s cat 3/4/Jr. Girls 15-18/Masters Women 40+/50+; Masters Men's 40+/50+; and Boys and Girls Jr. 9-10, 11-12, & 13-14.
  • Junior races are part of DEVO (USA Cycling Road Development Race Series). Junior 9-10, 11-12, and 13-14 are the David Thomashow Memorial Races. All USAC rules apply. Approved helmets required. No aero bars or sleeveless shirts. Mt. bikes and hybrids allowed in Jr. 9-10, 11-12, and 13-14 races only.
  •  Selected categories are eligible to earn points for the Graffitti Road Weekly Points series, a national series to earn end-of=the-season purse. Series points will be awarded in the following categories: Men's 1/2, Men's 3 (awarded only in 3/4 race, not 1/2/3), Men's 4 (awarded only in 4/5 race, not 3/4), Men's Masters 40+, Men's Masters 50+, Women's 1/2/3 (awarded to 3s only in the 1/2/3 race, not the 3/4 race), and Junior Men 15-18. See http://www.aluminumcowboycycling.com/graffiti-road.html for more information.
  • Warmup for all racers is on Springfield Rd. only!
  • Wheel support for all fields is wheels in–wheels out up to 8 sets of wheels, then neutral support. If you have spare wheels please put them, well marked, into the wheel truck for your field!
  • Feed zone is near top of the 1-mile hill coming out of Black Brook, just before reaching Bonnie View Road (the out-and-back access road) to complete the race loop. Feeder parking on feed zone side of road only (right side going up the hill) please.
  • Due to length of race day, dropped riders in Men's Pro 1/2/3 field who are more than 15 min. off the lead may be pulled with one lap to go on the circuit.
  • Use extreme caution on way back down to Wilmington from finish line! Ride single file and observe all traffic laws and speed limits. Failure to do so will result in disqualification!

Directions: From South/Albany (approx. 2 ½ hours): I-87 N to Exit 30. Left onto US Rt. 9. At ca. 3 mi. from exit stay left on NY State Rt. 73 toward Lake Placid. In Keene at 21.7 mi., veer right following State Rt. 9N toward Wilmington and Whiteface Mt. At 30.7 mi., in the village of Jay, left onto State Rt. 86 toward Wilmington. Left onto Springfield Road at 21 mi. (Look for "Event Parking" signs) Left into Wilmington Community Center parking lot at 21.1 mi. (Follow signs onto ball field. Registration is down the road at the Whiteface Range Hall: follow signs to it ON FOOT OR ON YOUR BIKE, YOU CANNOT DRIVE TO THE RANGE HALL!)

From North: I-87 S to exit 34, left onto 9N. In Ausable Forks at 10.6 mi. from exit, turn left to stay on 9N, then turn right to stay on 9N after .2 mi. In Jay at 16.3 mi., right onto Rt. 86 toward Wilmington. Left onto Springfield Road at 21 mi. (Look for "Event Parking" signs) Left into Wilmington Community Center parking lot at 21.1 mi. (Follow signs onto ball field. Registration is down the road at the Wilmington Range Hall: follow signs to it ON FOOT OR ON YOUR BIKE, YOU CANNOT DRIVE TO THE RANGE HALL!.)


We thank the Town of Wilmington and our race sponsors:

- Dr. Charles W. McCutchen -


- Little Super Market, Hardware & Deli -

Wilmington's One-Stop Shop





Ledge Rock at Whiteface


(518) 946-2379 / (800) 336-4754


Wilderness Inn II
Restaurant and Cabins


(518) 946-2391

Alpine Country Inn & Suites


(518) 946-2263 / (877) 946-2263


The North Pole Resorts & Motel


(518) 946-7733 / (800) 245-0228


The Hungry Trout Resort
and Restaurant


(518) 946-2217 / (800) 766-9137


Cadence Lodge at Whiteface

formerly Birch Tree Lodge


Email: info@cadencelodge.com


North Pole, NY/Santa's Workshop

The Enchanted Village of the Adirondacks

(2013 season begins late June)


(518) 946-2211


 Grand View Motel


Email: grandviewmotel@frontier.net

(518) 946-2209

Pfizer Global Supply - Cascade Builders -  
High Peaks Health Center/Elizabethtown Community Hospital - Casella Waste Systems, Inc. - Lake Placid Sports Medicine, PLLC

Champlain National Bank - New York Ski Educational Foundation - Haselton Lumber Co., Inc. - 1KtoGo Coffee


Merchandise prizes arranged for by Placid Planet Bicycles.

 * * * * *

We also thank our annual team sponsors (see banner at right).


Race route description:

The race starts (under neutral condition) at the Wilmington Town Park Youth Center, goes right for 100 yards on Springfield Road, left on NYS Route 86 for 1/2 mile, and right on Bonnie View Road, where racing begins at the top of the first short rise.

Bonnie View Road is mostly a very slight climb for its six-mile length. There is one main downhill section of a few hundred yards and then a moderately steep uphill pitch just after, maybe 200 yards long. Then flat for about a mile to Silver Lake Road. After the left turn onto Silver Lake Road there are two big rollers, super-rollers you might call them. One is about 3/4 mile long on the uphill, another maybe 1/2 mile, neither one too steep. After 4 miles on Silver Lake Road, the course takes a sharp right turn onto Turnpike Road, after which the terrain is mostly slightly downhill and fast until the sharp downhill turn where Turnpike Road becomes Goodrich Mills Road. Another mile or so of rolling terrain leads to a right onto Swastika Road, followed within half a mile by another right onto Guide Board Road, which leads via a couple of tough false flats interspersed with true flats to the big, fast descent of North Hill, after which there's a slight roller, and then flat and slightly down onto Matthews/Church Road (right turn) and back to Silver Lake Road (another right turn). Then very quickly one meets the main climb of the loop, the one-mile Black Brook Hill, through the feed zone and back to the start of the loop at Bonnie View Road. The climb is steepest at the bottom and gradually lessens in pitch, but it's hard to really tell it is backing off when the pace is being pushed.

You will race one, two, three, or five times around the loop just described, depending on category. When your appointed laps are over, left onto Bonnie View again, mostly slightly downhill in this direction, with the one downhill from the way out turned into a wicked little kicker of a climb. Thankfully it is short. Then more fast, ever so slight downhill back to Wilmington, where you turn right onto the Whiteface Memorial Highway/Rt. 431 and fight to the finish 1.6 miles above. This is a steady 8 percent grade almost all the way, though it is said that it steepens to around 11 percent right before the finish at the Santa's Workshop entrance.


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