Race Training

Summer Tuesday Training Rides:

Starting in mid-to-late April depending on the weather, we meet to ride at 6 pm at the NEW LOCATION FOR 2016!! Wilmington Town Youth Park on Park Lane in Wilmington. Our traditional route, now modified to start from Wilmington, runs 40 miles and has a nice blend of hills and flats. It takes in Black Brook, Ausable Forks, Clintonville, North Jay, Jay, Upper Jay, and back to Wilmington,  In early season we often shorten that to about 30 miles due to lack of sunlight, heading back to Jay directly from Ausable Forks and cutting out the Clintonville and North Jay section. Either way it's a classic ride that is hard to beat! This is meant to be a fast ride, but since that means different things to different people, we make a habit of waiting for all at the top of the major hills and regrouping. If you're an aspiring racer but aren't sure you're fast enough, or if you don't race but just like to push yourself on the bike, join us and we'll make sure you have a good experience (not easy, but good!). Often as the summer goes on we hang around a while back at the park after the ride and enjoy some watermelon: nothing like it after a hard ride!

For more information call Jim Walker at 518-637-6590 before 9 pm.

Placid Planet Bicycles Spring Time Trial Series:

Each year from the beginning of May through mid June, Kenny Boettger and Julie Voss of Placid Planet Bicycles, our title sponsor, put on an incredibly fun time trial series on River Road in Lake Placid (park near the ski jumps). This just shy of 8 mile out and back course parallels the Ausable River with twists and turns and small rises and a couple of longer grinds. It's a great course and in good weather we get 35-40 participants, everyone from racers with full TT rigs to parents on tandems towing kids in trailers, and everything in between! There's no charge for entry, though a waiver must be signed. A cumulative point system for the series awards 1 point for each start, 1 point for fastest time for women and men on the night, and 1 point for bettering one's best previous time. This means that one doesn't have to be the fastest to compete for the title. After the last TT of the series, Kenny and Julie host a cookout/party at which the winners' prizes are awarded as well as swag for those who didn't win. Besides being great fun, this series is a very good opportunity to improve one's time trialing!

2016 dates: May 4, 11, 18, 25, June 1, June 8. For more information call Placid Planet Bicycles at 518-523-4128

Team Placid Planet Kids' Time Trial Series NEW FOR 2016!

This year, in addition, Team Placid Planet will hold a Kid’s Time Trial for four weeks starting Wednesday, May 11 and continuing May 18 and 25 and June 1. The course will follow the adult course out River Road to a turn-around at Deerwood Trail; approximately three miles total. Be there by 5:30; first rider goes at 6 pm. Please park at the steel bridge on River Road. Entry is free and any kind of bicycle is acceptable but helmets are mandatory. Ages 12 and up may ride alone; children ages 9-11 are allowed with a parent accompanying. In either case a parent must sign a waiver. There will be prizes at the end of the series for both boys and girls. Questions please call Jim Walker at 518-637-6590 before 9pm.

Winter Wednesday Spin Sessions:

Team members and those interested in joining are invited to attend our Wednesday evening spin sessions at the Wilmington Firehouse at 1197 Haselton Road, just off of NYS Rt. 86 in Wilmington. Arrive at 6:30 pm for setup and warmup, session with DVDs start at 7:00 and run for ca. 1:15-1:30. Bring a bike and stationary trainer, hydration and snacks. For information call Bill McGreevy at 518-534-3005 before 9 pm. Sessions run through early March, to be announced.




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